Protection vulnerable migrants and stabilizing communities in Libya

This project aims to provide urgently needed assistance and protection to vulnerable migrants and other crisis-affected populations in Libya and improve social cohesion. The proposed action has been designed to address the magnitude of irregular migration attempts.
Project Details
Sources of Funding
European Union
Total budget in original currency
EUR 54 800 000
Total Budget - Euro

EUR 54 800 000

EU Funding
EUR 54 800 000
Planned start date
Participating Countries
Thematic Focus Area
Contact details
International Organization for Migration (IOM)
P.O. Box 6748 Hay Al Andalos Post Office, Tripoli, Libya
Project Details - Additional
Type of Activity
Project-type interventions
Target institution / target group
Libyan Coast Guard (LCG), Port Security, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ Department for Combatting Irregular Migration (DCIM)
Implementing Organisation