“NEXT TO US’’: A New Narrative on Migration in Europe

Vedran Horvat, Institute for Political Ecology, for the Green European Foundation, “NEXT TO US’’: A New Narrative on Migration in Europe

About this report

In 2016, the Green European Foundation (GEF), together with Fundació Nous Horitzons (Catalonia), Green Institute Greece, Fundación EQUO (Spain), Green Economics Institute (UK) and Institute for Political Ecology (Croatia) developed a transnational project to highlight the status quo of migration policies at local level, while considering the national and European dimensions.
The project consisted of a set of events, organised by the above-mentioned institutions, aimed at identifying the main challenges in ensuring the wellbeing of migrants and asylum seekers in Europe.  This report, which included the participation of the author in the 6 events organised in 5 countries between May and September 2016 in Spain (Barcelona and Madrid), Germany (Berlin and Munich), United Kingdom (Oxford) and Greece (Athens), was developed as part of this project with a twofold objective:
Firstly, it summarises the main findings from debates held within the GEF transnational migration project involving a wide range of actors, from policy-makers, civil society and refugees themselves.
Secondly, it provides an analytical view of the divergent trajectories of the debate to identify a solid common ground and to build a narrative that would precede new policy proposals offered by the Green political family.