A Roadmap to Local Inclusion in the age of COVID-19

Roadmap Covid19

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Welcoming movement – comprised of hundreds of towns and cities worldwide transforming themselves into inclusive places – is working to ensure that norms of inclusion not only don’t fall by the wayside, but are further affirmed in this time of extreme crisis. A key lesson our movement is imparting is as follows: if municipalities and other local stakeholders fail to build trust among residents, and fail to follow inclusive practices in their COVID-19 responses, their 
 communities will be more likely to suffer from greater health threats and disparities, greater economic inequality, and squandered human potential. On the other hand, if localities utilize inclusive approaches in their response – and regional and national authorities support them to do so – communities will be much more likely to emerge more resilient, prosperous, and united. What follows is a series of recommendations for inclusive responses, based on the actions Welcoming International members are employing – or preparing to employ - during their COVID-19 response.